At AKACAN ELEGANCE, life meets with comfort! With different apartment options from 1+1 and 2+1 to 3+1, an exclusive residence comfort

While designing Kyrenia as a comfortable and safe environment, I paid special attention to make my design harmonize with the unique nature, mountains and sea views of Kyrenia. Growing up in a geography that offers unique beauties to the world, the views of Mediterranean mountains and the vividness of waves flattering the pebbles on the shore are my inspirations.

Glitters from the cuddling of pebbles with waves, this colorful world and the shapes have always been a natural beauty for me since my childhood.

Elegant shapes of these amazing stones shaped by the waves and in fact a part of the whole beauty and the curves formed by the waves helped me design my project.

I’ve always carried these colorful, inspiring and elegant stones with my during my design process, while taking a walk by the seaside, working in my office, in short- all the time. Thanks to the location and vision of AKACAN ELEGANCE, I had the chance to reflect the elegancy of Mediterranean to my design.

This is how Elegance harmonizing with the nature of Cyprus and whispering the adventures of pebbles and waves was shaped. Feel the enjoyment of life with Elegance.